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$35 monthly

members enjoy these benefits:
-one 30 min massage a month
-hassle free monthly auto debit
-cancel any time after 2 months
-unused sessions can roll over
-ability to add one other person
-$35 for any additional sessions
-20% off for any gift certificates
-Gift your unused services away
-$29 “same day booked” sessions
(see below for more detailed info on same day booked pricing)

Not sure if membership is for you?
Click here to get 20% off a series of 6/12!

 Series must be used 180 days after purchase.


Our membership program was designed to be easy, affordable, hassle free and above all, good for you! Every month on the same day you signed up for your membership, you will be automatically billed $35 and one credit/benefit will go into your account. We will always default to using any remaining credits to pay for your massage unless you directly specify otherwise in the notes section when booking online.

What if I want more than one massage a month? Any massages you book beyond your monthly credit are only $35. Additionally, last minute appointments made the same day are discounted even further to $29.

How do I book an appointment using my membership? 
Select the black “book” button on the website. Select “Login In” from the upper right hand corner of the page. Enter the same email and password that you used when purchasing your membership. Book your appointment as usual and then you will be asked to enter your credit card info again until you select the box “save my payment information for the future.”

How do I use my membership credits?
By booking an appointment using the same email and password you used to create your membership account, you will show up in our system as a member. When we go to bill you for your massage, we will automatically default to using your membership credits first. There is nothing else on your end that we need you to do. If for some reason you or your guest do not want us to use your credits, please notify your therapist at the time of your massage.

How can I view my massage credits?
Sign in to your account. Select the orange tab marked “my account” (located to the right of your screen), then select the tab “series and membership.” It will tell you if you have any available benefit credits. To find out the exact date you purchased your membership, click the tab purchases and look up the month you started your membership. You will see a $35 Tiny Massage charge and that is the day that the monthly payment will be collected.

How do I cancel my membership?
Simply send us an email or leave us a voice message stating your name and phone number and that you would like to cancel your membership. Please make sure that you receive an email back from us confirming the cancellation. Any time your card has insufficient funds, you will still be able to use your remaining benefits but your membership will be automatically frozen until we can contact you and collect payment. Sessions do roll over month to month but must be used within 30 days of cancellation and you are always welcome to sign up again another time!

How do I cancel an appointment?
Log into your account using full site/desktop mode. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then choose the appointment tab to adjust accordingly. Our Policy: As long as we get 24 hours notice, there will be no charge. If we get less than 24 hours notice it will be a $20 charge. No shows/Late arrivals will be charged the entire amount (if you have any remaining credits we will use those first)

Adding someone to your membership:
Each member can add one additional person to their membership. All you need to do is have your special person create an account online. Then, email us their name and phone number so we make sure we are selecting the correct guest. You will both have separate accounts but will each be able to share the monthly member credit and receive discounts on additional services and gift certificates! If your guest doesn’t want us to use your credits to pay for the massage, they will need to specify that in the notes section every time they book an appointment online.

Use your discount for a side by side session: 
Log into your account and select 2 guests. Book BOTH appointments under your name, email and phone number. You will not see the discount applied in the right hand column, but trust us, after checkout you will receive a confirmation message showing the applied discount. If you forgot and put your friend’s name instead, no problem. Just mention it to us when you arrive  for your appointment and we can adjust the total.

How do I gift my benefit credits to a friend?
Log into your account. Book the appointment using your name, email and phone number. Under the “notes” section, put the person’s name who you want to come in for the massage instead of you. At this time, we cannot give members physical gift certificates in place of their benefits. Members are always welcome to purchase gift certificates on-line for 20% off by logging into their account and clicking the certificate tab.

Can I get a 60 minute massage?
Absolutely! you can use your benefit(s) and/or pay for the extra session. Using desktop mode, select a service then below it a green + sign will pop up allowing you to select another service. This will tell the computer to look for two massages in a row. Be aware that if you select two different therapists, you will need to switch to the other room half way through the massage.

Using your discount for gift certificates:
To apply the 20% discount, you must be logged into your membership account. Select the orange tab “shop online.” You will be taken to the gift certificate page. You can either select “service,” “package” or put in a dollar amount. Choose to have the email printed or emailed. Upon checkout, you will see that the 20% has been taken off your total.

Can I give someone the gift of membership?
Instead of gifting a membership, we  recommend purchasing series of 6/12 massages which gives you 20% off regular prices. Please note: the series must be used in 180 days. To gift, purchase the series online and give your special person the series number on your receipt for them to use as payment when booking (instead of putting in a credit card number).

Will I lose my massage benefit if I don’t use it?
No, your massage credits roll over month to month as long as you don’t cancel your membership. Once you cancel, you have 30 days to use all your benefits before they expire.

Thank you for making us part of your wellness routine!