cart membership –$35 monthly

members enjoy these benefits:
-one 30 minute massage a month
-hassle free monthly auto debit
-cancel any time after 2 months
-unused sessions can roll over
-ability to add one other person
– $35 for any additional sessions
-$35 when you bring/send guests
-20% off for any gift certificates
-gift your unused services away
-$29 “same day booked” sessions

*Scroll down for Membership FAQ

Must be used 180 days after purchase.


Our membership program was designed to be easy, affordable, hassle free and above all, good for you! Your Tiny Massage Cart membership automatically renews.  You will be charged $35 for your first month upon the start of your subscription and one credit/benefit will go into your account. Your subscription will auto-renew so you will continue to be charged on the same date each month going forward. In other words, if you started your subscription on October 15, you would be charged October 15, November 15, December 15 and so on throughout your subscription period. We will always default to using any remaining credits to pay for your massage unless you directly specify otherwise to your therapist or in the notes section when booking online.

How do I cancel my membership?
After the first 2 months, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You must cancel before your renewal date in order to avoid being charged for the next month. Simply email our support team here or leave us a voice message at (503) 607-4991 stating your name and phone number and that you would like to cancel your membership. Please make sure that you receive an email back from us confirming the cancellation. Once cancelled, you are no longer able to receive discounted massages, however, you have 30 days to use your remaining credits and you are always welcome to sign up again another time! Any time your card has insufficient funds, we will email you to let you know. You will still be able to use your remaining benefits but your membership will be automatically frozen until we can contact you and collect payment.

Can I use my membership for more than one monthly 30 minute massage? What about 60/90 minute, couples & gift packages?
Absolutely! Any additional sessions you book beyond your credits are also $10 off each half hour. You will also receive those same discounted rates for your friends when you bring them in as long as you book it as a couples massage, package or book both appointments under your name. Appointments always need to be booked under your name since the system will not recognize your friend to give them the discount. You can let us know who is coming by writing it in the notes section (desktop mode only). During checkout, we will break up any longer massage into 30 minute segments so that we can use your benefit(s) first and give you the member price for the remaining time. For example the 60 minute Couples Massage normal rate is $180/ Member rate is $140. If you had one credit to use, you would be charged the remaining $105.

How does the “same day booking” discount work?
First, know that we will always default to using any remaining credits to pay for your massage sessions. After that, any appointments booked on the same day are discounted an extra $6 per half hour (30 min/$29, 60 min/$58, 90 min/$87, couples 30 min $58, couples 60 min/$116). This is a great option for those members who plan on getting more than one 30 minute massage a month.

Can I send a friend in my place? 
Sure! A perfect treat for your out of town vistors. In order to gift your benefits or use your discount for their appointment, you must be logged into your member account and book the appointment under YOUR name and email address. Then, tell us the name of the person coming in your place by emailing us or writing it in the notes section (desktop version only). If you don’t have benefits to use, we will charge the card you used to hold the reservation. Should your friend want to pay with a different card, they can let the therapist know.

How do I book an appointment using my membership? 
Members book appointments in the same way as non-members. When you log in, make sure to enter the same email and password that you used when purchasing your membership and always use YOUR name to book each appointment. If you are sending someone else in your place, email us or tell us who is coming in the notes section (desktop mode only). From Desktop Mode: Select “Login In” from the upper right hand corner of the page. Book as normal. To finalize your appointment, you will be asked to enter your credit card info. This is to hold the reservation only. After you receive your massage, we will always use any remaining benefits to pay for the massage and only use your credit card for any additional charges or cancellation fees.

How can I view my massage credits?
Sign in to your account using desktop mode. Select the orange tab marked “my account” (located to the right of your screen), then select the tab “series and membership.” It will tell you if you have any available benefit credits. To find out the exact date you purchased your membership, click the tab purchases and look up the month you started your membership. You will see a $35 Tiny Massage charge and that is the day that the monthly payment will be collected.

How do I cancel an appointment?
Desktop Booking Mode: Click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then choose the appointment tab to adjust accordingly. Mobile Booking Mode: Log in and you will see a list of your upcoming appointments on the home page. Scroll down and find the correct appointment hit “cancel”  Our Policy: As long as we get 24 hours notice, there will be no charge. If we get less than 24 hours notice it will be a $20 charge. No shows/Late arrivals will be charged the entire amount (if you have any remaining credits we will use those first)

Adding someone to your membership:
Each member can add one additional person to their membership. They will be able to use your credits and get member rates on additional services/gift certificates but will not be able to charge them to your card and must pay for them using their own account. We will always default to using your benefits first to pay for their massage unless they tell the therapist otherwise. All you need to do is have your special person create an account online. Then, email us their name and phone number so we make sure we are selecting the correct guest.

Can I use my benefit/credits to give a gift certificate to a friend?
At this time, we cannot give members physical gift certificates in place of their benefits. Members are always welcome to send a friend in their place or purchase gift certificates on-line for 20% off by logging into their account and clicking the certificate tab.

Can I give someone the gift of membership?
Instead of gifting a membership, we  recommend purchasing a pack of 6 massages for the price of 5! Note: the pack must be used in 180 days. To gift, purchase online and give your special person the series number on your receipt for them to use as payment when booking (instead of putting in a credit card number). Please tell them that they must use desktop mode to redeem online.

Will I lose my massage benefit if I don’t use it?
No, your massage credits roll over month to month as long as you don’t cancel your membership. Once you cancel, you have 30 days to use all your benefits before they expire.

Thank you for making us part of your wellness routine!