At the Tiny Massage Cart, we are proud to provide a wellness sanctuary right along side our busy community. Our custom built cart has two tiny treatment rooms divided by a curtain. So, when you come with a partner or friend, you will have the entire spa to yourselves. Each licensed massage therapist works for themselves and brings to the table their own style which makes each appointment unique.

what to expect

You will find us located down the gravel path nestled in-between Sip juice, Thicket Nursery and Great Notion Brewery. Upon arrival, confirm your name and massage time posted on the correct door window, then ring the silent doorbell and have a seat on our patio. We will come out to greet you at the time of your appointment. Once inside, please help maintain the peace and tranquility by speaking softly and turning cell phones to silent. Out of respect for the other patrons, we ask that talking be kept to a minimum once the massage has started. Thank you and we hope you enjoy!

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